Dell & Akridata

The Dell-Akridata solution is getting excellent customer reception because it allows customers to optimally configure their edge-to-core-to-cloud AI environment based on Akridata’s edge data platform and Dell’s comprehensive infrastructure offerings at many price points, all wrapped into a seamless solution by various Dell software and professional services.

This web page is specially set up for joint Dell-Akridata engagements.

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240+ Attendees!

In a recent ISG Solutions CoC Data Analytics & AI webinar featuring Akridata, we discussed AI’s urgent exascale-class “data problem”.

With more than 240 attendees from around the world, “Edge-to-Core-to-Cloud DataOps for ADAS and AV Development” was a topic that clearly aligned with customer challenges.

This is in part because the use of AI in the automotive industry is turning out to be a great model in other industries like Smart Retail, Smart Manufacturing (Digital Factory), Smart Cities, areas where HPC and AI come together, etc.

Edge Data Platform Boosts Productivity

A good way to solve this problem is with a platform that ties together data and data processing end to end: from edge locations, user data centers, and public clouds.

Akridata’s software helps customers build dynamic and automated pipelines from Edge to Core to Cloud while boosting productivity for data scientists, reducing complexity for IT, and increasing efficiency for assets.

Functions like data ingest, filter, format, catalog, track, trace, search, and access can now be done in a decentralized and speedy fashion, and easily scale to petabytes or exabytes of data.

The diagram below is a conceptual view of the Akridata platform.