Data Explorer by Akridata:
The Best Way to Cleanse and Label Rich Data

Find Needles in Scattered Haystacks 10X Faster
Identify the right subset of Data for Training

Intuitive Search on 1+ Million Frames
Compare Data Sets, Inliers/Outliers, Enrich Model with Data Diversity, and
Efficiently scale and Manage data for labeling


Rich Data

No matter what type, what size, or how scattered. Camera, Radar, Lidar, Satellite, MRI, Scientific Instrument? Yes.



Cut time spent on data from hours to minutes. Free up Data Scientist time to work on model building and tuning.


More Accurate

Efficient selection of data assigned for Labeling. Save money and time in Labelling and in achieving higher accuracy.

When the Product is Autonomous
AI Data is the Challenge


Faster Product Cycles

Some 80% of machine learning project times is spent on data problems and 50% of that is just filtering and labeling. Faster time to the right data ripples through your entire product development cycle.


New Business Possibilities

Instant filtering and transformation of data open up new business opportunities. From in-vehicle services in autonomous cars to personalized services in unattended retail, it is critical that you can organize, parameterize, and optimize your data into data products.


Better Products

Better data is everything. Better data faster is the key to faster-converging AI models that are also more accurate, translating straight into a better product.

Data Explorer by Akridata

The Best Way to Cleanse, Visualize, Filter, and Label Rich Data

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