Akridata at GTC 2022

GTC 2022 is Just Around the Corner! Next week, Nvidia’s GTC Conference and Training will be firing up with some of the foremost in AI across numerous sectors, and we’re looking forward to connecting, engaging, informing, and learning with all of you from March 21-24. This year, Akridata’s Senior Director of Platform Engineering & Solutions, […]

Akridata’s Data Twin for Nvidia’s End-to-End Infrastructure

Many of you are familiar with the comprehensive range of AI solutions that Nvidia currently offers. With chips optimized for AI, PCB boards, AI software dev kits, and the Omniverse platform with Digital Twin capabilities, Nvidia provides almost everything needed to successfully build an AI infrastructure that reaches across edge devices, data centers, and clouds. […]

3 Reasons Why I Joined Akridata?

By Kunal Vasavada Recently, I visited a mattress store to find one for my toddler son. This was a rather large store with so many brands, comfort styles, price tags and more. Within a few minutes of browsing around, testing a few mattresses by hand to check for firmness, reading some of the comfort and […]

Data – The Dirty Little Secret in AI

Launching Akridata required many research and brainstorming sessions with the founding team. Now Sanjay Pichaiah, Vice President of New Business, is sharing insights, resources, and interesting finds into the complex data problems facing the AI market over at Medium. “What stood the test of our shredding machine, was the problems around the “Data” in AI […]

Akridata Joins Exascale Day Celebrations to Drive Awareness of the Challenges and Advances in Data-Centric AI

Massive AI Data at the Edge Brings Exascale-Class Data Problems to Board Rooms SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Oct. 18, 2021 – Akridata, a category-maker and pioneer in Data-Centric Artificial Intelligence (AI), recently launched the Akridata Edge Data Platform™, a software solution that creates and manages smart data pipelines and AI workflows spanning Edge-Core-Cloud resources – an […]

Akridata Launches World’s First Edge Data Platform for Data-Centric AI

Decentralized Software Accelerates Access to Relevant AI Data, Handles Ingest, Catalog, and Exploration of Complex AI Data, and Enables Traceable AI Across Industries Advanced AI and Autonomy depend on curation and filtering of massive amounts of data generated at the Edge to fuel continuous Deep Learning. This is an Exascale-class data challenge. Akridata has created […]

Akridata Closes $15 Million in Series A Financing Round

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Oct. 5, 2021 – Akridata, a category-maker and pioneer in Data-Centric AI, today announced the completion of its $15 million Series A round led by Venture Capital firms TeleSoft Partners, Accel, and Mobile Foundation Ventures (MFV) Partners. In a separate news release issued today, Akridata introduced the world’s first Edge Data Platform […]

Akridata Founders’ Story: Seeing AI’s Edge Data Challenge and Solving It

  Seeing technology challenges ahead of most – and solving them – is what the founders of Akridata do best. The founding team of this three-year-old company, led by serial entrepreneurs Kumar Ganapathy, CEO, and Vijay Karamcheti, CTO, include data scientists, software product developers and engineers, collectively holding nearly 200 patents. They are pioneers in […]